Ausphyxia Series, 2016-17

Tiliqua Scincoides, 2017

2 Channel HD digital video w audio

Dimensions variable

3 minutes 26 seconds

00:00 / 03:10

A blue-tongue and a bigot turned to face the bar, mouths opened wide, thirsts full of threat. Commonly inflated and frightened. They spoke in tongues until words lost meaning. And the difference between them grew distant.


Tiliqua Scincoides Theory is a self-reflexive intervention into the suffocating nature of identity politics within contemporary Australian society; where contentious debates surrounding the agenda of nationhood and collective experience undergo inconsistent overhauls of intensification along with rapid redaction of self-determination and autonomy. Tiliqua Scincoides Theory is part of the wider Ausphyxia body of work, the work began as a data gathering exercise and now exists in varied iterations of performance, photo media and video installation. These works attempt exploit the ubiquitous materiality of soft power while critiquing notions of security in an extremely risk averse context. Australia is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to taking risks, even in the risky business of contemporary art. Tiliqua Scincoides Theory involves the processes of [de]codification and [re]codification in affirmative personal and interpersonal creative action. The work draws attention to the artist’s life experience as a fair skinned First Nations artist, activist and ally; one that is often restricted and silenced by precautions and fears about what it might mean to be made, and to make, in Australia.